Sunday, March 1, 2015

Get Your Copy of "Dad’s Hidden Box…Stories of Love and War"

Growing up, Dad told great stories. He told stories about growing up in the Depression, about driving a school bus pulled by horses, about playing basketball in high school, about driving a truck loaded with bootleg whiskey, about farming, about meeting famous baseball players…and so much more. Then there were his stories about World War II.

What I wouldn’t give to have recorded all of his stories. But, I didn’t. So, I am relying on memory as I write about his life. This book is a tribute to Dad, his time spent with the Red Bull Division in World War II, and secrets he held near and dear to him. Sometimes I would get a glimpse of those secrets.

Enjoy the book…

A daughter, cleaning out her dad’s house after his death, discovers a box of his World War II memorabilia. She remembers stories he used to tell about The Red Bull Division, North Africa, Italy, and life as a soldier. Deciding to give it a quick look, she is surprised by what she finds.

Secrets of war and family secrets combine to make an interesting journey for her. A few twists and revelations confuse her until the final ending.

This is a fiction based on fact book. Some stories are almost word for word as Dad told them, some are enhanced to fit the story line, and some have remnants of his tales.

When I was asked to contribute to LOVE Potions, Lotions & Lore I thought about Dad’s love of storytelling. It’s not love in the conventional sense. But, it is a love. He told those stories so well you felt like you were there experiencing what he was talking about.

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